Young Swan at CF

DSC_1472Brian Jenkins reports:

I saw this guy at the Celery Farm today. Is this a juvenile Tundra Swan? How common are these birds at Celery Farm this time of year? 

Looks like one to me, Anyone else care to weigh in?  Will check to see if it's still here.

Quiet Morning at Stateline

Saw the DDT trifecta of raptors at Stateline today -- Peregrine, Bald Eagle and Osprey -- plus Common Ravens and a Palm Warbler (below) and a Black-throated Blue. 

Great to be outside with a very nice bunch of people despite dishwater skies. 

Highlight was two resident Peregrines perched in their usual tree. Quit a size difference between male and female.



Sparrow-palooza Update

Went to Crestwood Lake this a.m. to see if I could find the Clay-colored Sparrow again.

Incredibly, the area was filled with parked cars, but no one else was looking for the unusual sparrow.

I'm just guessing, but I think the others gave up and went to the Halloween poster contest at the nearby pavilion.

No Vesper Sparrows or Clay-coloreds.  Just a medley of Songs.

Sparrow-palooza at Crestwood Lake

Went to Crestwood Lake in hopes of seeing Pipits, Wilson's Snipe and Vesper Sparrow.

Thanks to Judy Cinquina, I saw the Vesper Sparrow and the Snipe -- and a Clay-colored Sparrow.

The Vesper and Clay-colored were life birds for me.  Distant views, but Judy had a great spotting scope.

Attached here are photos of Clay-colored, one cropped and another uncropped, using a 400mm lens. The latter gives you an idea how tough these little guys are to see.

Plus a distant snipe shot. (Thanks, Judy!)



American Wigeons @ the CF

IMG_5091These ducks created a tiny stir at the Celery Farm yesterday at lunchtime.

They were very far out, and one of the birders thought two of them might be Eurasian Wigeon drakes.

I went and got my spotting scope and everyone agreed they were indeed American Wigeons. 

I also brought my 400mm lens. Distant pic above is greatly cropped.

And yes, the dude on the left is a Gadwall. Green-winged Teal and a Wood Duck or two were also on the lake.  Complete list follows.

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New Old Sleigh for the Fell House!


Upper Saddle River's Hopper-Goetschius House just donated this amazing 19th-century sleigh -- just in time for some cool holiday photos for whoever would like to climb aboard. 

Me, I'd wait till there's some snow (no hurry!).

As you can see, the sleigh is on rollers so we can wheel it out of the barn for holiday events. That's Patty Finn at the helm.

Santa has signed up for Dec. 24-25. 

Thank you, Hopper-Goetschius House!