Why We See So Few Wild Turduckens..

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.41.26 PM
Joe Koscielny writes to say that he has seen recipes and advertisements for "Cajun Turducken," which leads him to believe these large birds migrate.

The company whose cooked bird is picture above calls them Tur-Duc-Hen. A little more elegant, spelling-wise.

So that explains it, at least this time of year. 

Sounds like a recipe for extinction to me. (Thanks, Joe!)

My Column: Bad News--Bears&Feeders

My latest column for The Record is all about the bad-news combination of Black Bears and Bird Feeders this time of year, and tips from experts on how you can reduce the problem.

The column is online early because of the need to get the word out.

Bears have destroyed several feeders in Allendale alone in the past two weeks.

The link is here.